Month to month

We don’t lock anyone into long term commitments

Unlike every other finance or leasing arrangement, we have no commitment period. We don’t know why you would want to, but you can choose to exit whenever you like.

To exit your fully serviced solar system energy arrangement, you simply pay the remaining energy payments less a 10% discount.

Take full ownership early

Can’t wait to minimise your energy expenditure?

After about 3 years of providing fixed price electricity at or below your retailer rates, we hand over your solar system for free; you’ve earned it.

Don’t want to wait that long to take control? We give all of our customers the option of purchasing the solar system at any time by paying the remaining balance after applying a 10% discount.

Selling your home?

Allow the new business owner to reduce their electricity costs.

Selling a property has enough stress, so we keep it simple. We allow you to transfer the solar arrangement onto the new owner with no fees. Your property buyer will be thanking you for the savings on their power bill from day one and the purchase discount is also fully transferred.

If you would prefer, you can purchase the system at the discounted price and include it in the sale outright.

Solar is proven to increase the property sale value by more than the market value of the solar system.  Research completed by LNBL (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) found that prices increased by $5,900 per installed kW of solar compared with comparable properties without solar.

How do I save money?

With electricity prices always on this rise, saving money is on everyone’s mind.

Zero Cost Solar saves you money in four ways:

  1. You don’t spend any of your hard earned money on the solar system or metering connection.
  2. You purchase electricity at the same or below current energy prices. To maximise this saving over time, we lock in this low price until system handover.
  3. We gift the solar system to you once a set amount of electricity has been purchased. Your electricity expenditure remains the same while earning for a high capacity solar system.
  4. We always recommend installing the largest solar system possible on your property. A larger system ensures that you will cover your consumption even on rainy or cloudy days. As you aren’t paying for it, why not go big.

How much will I save?

Calculating your particular energy savings depends on many factors including the direction and tilt of the solar array, your electricity consumption patterns and obviously the amount of sunshine.  Data taken from AEMO (Australian Energy Market Operator) on NSW SME business energy consumption shows average projected savings to be around $22,000 annually once ownership has been transferred. The figure doesn’t take the newly acquired asset value into account and is purely on energy savings.

These savings will increase if your business consumes more electricity during the daytime.  These figures assume that electricity prices will not increase. Should they increase as they have over the past 10 years, your savings will be much larger.