Lock in savings

Think energy prices are far too high?  Energy prices have risen by up to 54% over the past 3 years and are forecast to continue to rise.

With Zero Cost Solar that won’t happen anymore. We fix our energy sale price until ownership handover.

On top of guaranteeing to never increase the price of energy, we provide you energy at the same or lower rate than your currently paying your retailer.  The net effect is to own a solar system with zero impact to your bottom line.

Zero Cost Solar

Forget about saving up or paying a high interest finance plan for a solar system.

We install a high quality solar system and the metering connection to the grid for absolutely zero cost regardless of the system size. This isn’t a trick; you never have to repay this and aren’t charged for the system in repayments. You only pay for the electricity that you consume at your business during the daytime at the same rate than you are currently paying.

Zero Cost, Just Savings

Take full ownership early

Can’t wait to minimise your energy expenditure?

After about 3 years of providing fixed price electricity at or below your retailer rates, we hand over your solar system for free; you’ve earned it.

Don’t want to wait that long to take control? We give all of our customers the option of purchasing the solar system at any time by paying the remaining balance after applying a 10% discount.

Only pay for what you use

Don’t use much power during the daytime?

Not a problem. We guarantee to only sell you energy for your daytime use, regardless of how little you use – even if the business downsizes. All energy that isn’t consumed as its generated is sold onto the power grid at the current highest retailer export price. You would receive this payment from your retailer and we would add this amount onto your bill.  This ensures you will only ever be paying for what you actually use and nothing more.