Feed in tariffs, cost savings and rebates

Do you handle all the rebate and Small Technology Certificate (STC) paperwork for me?

Yes, we do. We have lots of experience with this and our goal is to make it as simple as possible for you.

Do I have any exposure to the price of the STCs when I sign with Zero Cost Solar Power?

No. Any exposure to the changing price of STCs is taken care of by Zero Cost Solar. Once you sign with us your solar system PPA contract is guaranteed, even if the price of STCs may change between the time of order and the time of the installation.

What is the payback period for solar?

With Zero Cost Solar the payback period is the same day it’s installed. You don’t paying anything for the solar system and you enjoy the savings off your electricity bills from day one.  No other solar company in Australia can offer a deal like that.

What is the difference between a gross and a net feed-in tariff?

A gross feed-in tariff is where ALL the power generated by your rooftop solar system is fed back into the electricity grid and you are paid for the total amount. All new solar installations in Australia are completed using a net feed-in tariff, which is where you are only paid when the solar system is generating more power than is being used by the business at that point in time. Any ‘excess’ power is exported to the grid and you are paid for this amount at a tariff rate. In this situation it is very important to maximize the power flowing back to the grid through good energy management practices, increasing the return from the tariff.

What is the lead time from my contract signing to getting electricity from the panels?

Our goal is to have an installation completed within 3-4 weeks of all approvals being received.  From time to time some components may be out of stock or on a longer lead time from our suppliers. In these cases our Solar Consultants and our Installation Schedulers will work with you to discuss options.