Solar design and installation

Who designs my system?

Zero Cost Solar (ZCS) has a team of highly qualified electrical engineers who are accredited by the Australian Clean Energy Council (CEC). Our accreditation is for the design and installation of grid-connected solar systems. Zero Cost Solar engineers come from diverse backgrounds such as inverter manufacturers and international solar implementation companies. They apply their skills on Zero Cost Solar residential installations as well as large commercial and utility systems with megawatt power capacity.

Is the designer accredited by the Clean Energy Council (not just the installer)?

Yes, all our design engineers are CEC accredited, as are our installers, each of whom is a registered electrician. Where required, our installers are licensed to install meters that allow our grid-connected systems to take advantage of the feed-in tariff.

How much roof space is required?

Every kilowatt (kW) of a solar power system requires about 6m2.

Who does the electrical hook-up to the grid?

Fully qualified electrical service providers who are local to your area will complete your grid connection.

Are all the costs of metering changes and paperwork for my local electricity supplier included in all Zero Cost packages?

Yes, we include the service provider connection as part of the solar installation at zero cost. You will either require a new energy meter or reprogramming of your existing energy meter that monitors the power your system exports to the grid. We will arrange all of the paper work, grid connection approvals and installation of the meter on your behalf. In some situations we are able to install it at the same time as your solar power system. The meter is supplied by the energy utility operating your local network grid. If you have any questions one of our Solar Consultants can assist you.

Does the mounting system allow airflow under the panels to help cool them?

Yes, it is essential that air flows under your panels to allow passive cooling and optimise power output (which is affected by temperature). All of our mounting systems are high quality anodised aluminium and stainless steel, ensuring your system does not rust or corrode. In addition, our mounting frames are manufactured and tested to Australian wind load standards. (AS1170.2) Zero Cost Solar takes great care that our mounting systems create at least 100mm clearance behind the panels, and all mounting points are properly insulated and sealed from the elements. On metal roofs (tin, Colorbond, steel etc) we use insulating separators that prevent corrosion and protect the roof warranty. Any cable entry points use an externally rated industrial cable grommet to properly protect both the cables and the roof from the elements and damage. All cable points are sealed for long-term protection.