1. Check feasibility

Our friendly consultants will determine if your property is suitable for solar and gather some information from your current electricity bills to calculate your projected savings.

2.Professional installation

Sit back and relax while our fully accredited team complete your solar system installation.

3. Start saving

Enjoy your energy savings from the moment the net meter is installed and the system is turned on.

4. Fully serviced

We monitor your system for the life of the agreement and should anything happen, we immediately have it corrected at zero cost.

Benefits at a glance:

Zero Cost Solar is excited to offer a way for everyone to reduce their power bills and cut their carbon emissions without costing them a cent.  We offer a no-nonsense approach to going solar with the following features:

  • We transfer ownership of our solar system with no Capital payments after about three years.
  • We provide you with the largest solar system that matches your daytime requirements.
  • We are able to sell you power at the same or slightly lower than your current rates, billed quarterly.
  • You only purchase the solar energy that is consumed in your property.
  • Our electricity price is fixed at the same rate until ownership handover.
  • We don’t require you to sign a long term contract; you can exit any time you choose.
  • If would like to purchase the system before ownership handover, we offer you a 10% discount off the remaining payments.
  • All of our systems come with solar Internet monitoring technology.
  • We cover all costs in servicing, repairing or replacing any faulty component of the solar system.
  • We only use high quality solar hardware with industry leading warranties.
  • We handle all government incentives and pass the savings directly onto you.
  • If you decide to sell the property we can assist you with transferring the agreement to the new owner so they too can enjoy massive savings.