Zero Cost

Pay nothing for a fully installed solar system including remote monitoring and the meter connection

Zero Commitment

No commitment or exit fees

Save Money

Lower your daytime electricity rate and protect yourself from price rises

Zero Stress

24/7 Internet monitoring service and faulty solar component replacements at zero cost

Going solar doesn’t have to be expensive.

With Zero Cost Solar we are able to design and install a top quality solar system including the grid connection meter for free. Because there are zero costs and nothing to repay you start saving money right away by having cheap energy during the daytime.

Massive savings from Zero Cost

We’re passionate about saving you money. Paying for solar to save doesn’t make sense to us, so we’ve dropped the cost and we’ve left in all the savings. We also provide full service guarantee and Internet monitoring to ensure that everything is running smoothly.
We are dependent on the solar system having a high yielding operation for us to get a return on our investment, which is why we only use high quality components for all of our installations. Our systems are covered by industry leading warranties which give us the confidence to provide you with a long service of hassle free low cost electricity.

  • Free Servicing 100%
  • Quality Assurance 100%
  • System Monitoring 100%