Zero Cost Solar – What makes us different

Is it really zero cost?

Yes. Zero Cost Solar (ZCS) really does provide you with a high quality solar power system and electrical grid metering connection at absolutely zero cost.  We are able to do this by selling you the electricity that you consume from the solar system during the day – at a rate lower or the same as you’re provided by your electrical retailer.  Your net electricity expenditure will remain unchanged while acquiring a solar asset.  After about 3-4 years we transfer ownership of the solar system to you which will drastically reduce your electricity expenditure.

What happens if we consume electricity on a cloudy day?

If the solar system isn’t able to provide sufficient power you will continue to purchase electricity from the grid through your existing retailer.

What happens to the electricity that the solar system exports to the grid?

As part of the free solar system installation, we will provide an electricity meter that can record how much power is exported onto the grid. Electricity retailers will effectively pay us for this exported electricity.  Even if you export 100% of the electricity that the solar system generates you will be no worse off on your energy costs.

How do I save money by installing a Zero Cost Solar system?

You acquire a high quality solar system for no additional operational or capital expenditure; ie zero cost. Once the solar system has paid us a predetermined amount, we will transfer ownership of the solar system to you for free.

Once you have acquired ownership of the new solar asset, all of the electricity that it generates will either go towards offsetting your grid consumption or will be exported. You will receive the full benefit of savings through both of these avenues.

How much money can I expect to save by installing a Zero Cost Solar system?

As a rule, the larger the system that you are able to fit on your available roof space, the greater your savings will be.

Using a typical 100kW solar system, we can save clients about $25,000 per year in energy expenditure. The 100kW asset is also worth about $100,000 after all rebates which is provided for free, typically after 3-4 years.

The first step in the process of solar engineering is having your energy consumption data analysed to determine the optimal solar configuration. The process will project your expected savings for various options that we can provide.

How am I billed for the solar power electricity usage?

ZCS records you total solar system electricity generation from the Internet monitoring that we provide.  Based on your business energy consumption, we will calculate the amount of consumed solar power generation against the amount that is exported onto the grid. Based on these numbers, we will produce a bill every quarter.

What happens if my solar system stops working?

ZCS will know the instant that your solar system isn’t functioning in the way it was designed due to the online monitoring solution.  Once this notification is received our technicians will correct the problem as quickly as possible at zero cost even if large components like the inverter require replacing. You can relax knowing that it is always in our best interest to ensure your solar system is functioning correctly.

What is the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

When you decide to accept the completely free installation of a solar system and metering connection from ZCS you will have to agree to our PPA. This agreement sets out that you are to receive our solar system at no cost and will purchase the generated solar power that is consumed within the business at a specified rate.

How long until I receive ownership of the free solar system?

The ownership period will depend on many factors and is determined during the initial consultation using your load profile usage data and current energy tariff rates. We will provide you with a customised report which details the projected savings and period until full ownership will occur.

Typically, we are able to transfer ownership to our clients after 3-4 years.

Can I take ownership of the solar system early?

Yes. You can choose to opt out of the agreement early for any reason. Simply pay the remaining balance less a 10% discount. There are no restrictions on how early or late you choose to make an early buyout.

What happens if I want to sell the property?

There are two options; to either take ownership early by paying the remaining balance less a 10% discount or transfer the agreement to the new owner. When an agreement transfer occurs, the balance already paid will be brought forward and the client will receive the same rates as the previous owner.

What happens if any component of the solar system is vandalised or stolen?

Just like if this were to occur when you owned the solar system, you will be required to pay for the replacement of any stolen or vandalised component. ZCS will only ever charge you at the wholesale price and will never add any markup.

What happens with my current electricity retailer?

There are no changes to your existing electricity retailer relationship. You will continue to receive bills from them, just with a reduced electricity quantity on each. You retain the flexibility to change energy retailers in the same was as you do now.

Do I have to check the solar system to ensure its working?

No. ZCS includes an Internet monitoring service on all of our solar systems at zero cost. Every solar inverter that we install comes with a WiFi device that uploads real-time solar generation data to the internet. This data can be viewed at any time on a smartphone or computer to ensure the system is performing at its expected level. The software is also able to send notification emails to ZCS engineers when any aspect of the solar system is outside normal operating ranges to ensure the highest possible uptime.