Solar For My Business

What size system do I need?

ZCS will assess your energy load profile and energy bills to determine the most suitably matched solar system configuration for your needs.

What kind of roof do I have to have?

To get the most from your solar power system, the optimum is a true-north-facing roof. We have mounting frames suitable for almost all roof types including Colorbond, tile, Klip-lok, corrugated iron etc. We can usually tell from satellite images whether your roof is suitable for a solar installation.

How much weight will the solar power system put on my roof?

Zero Cost Solar uses mounting systems that are lightweight but very strong. In conjunction with the panels and associated wiring etc, the total weight loading for your roof is only 10-12 kilograms per square metre.

My roof is flat. Can I still install a solar system?

Yes you can. We can install wind-certified raised structures on your roof to help maximise the power being generated from your system.

Who installs my solar system?

We’ve sourced the best Clean Energy Council certified electricians to install your solar system. Because Zero Cost Solar provides a full installation warranty during the contract period, we thoroughly vet our installers to ensure they are not only accredited but are the best. We are business┬ásolar service experts committed to delivering a quality product.

Will my property insurance be affected?

Before the installation of your solar power system from Zero Cost Solar, we recommend you check with your insurance provider for any adjustments to your policy that may result from installing a generation unit at your business.

ZCS has full public liability insurance which covers you in the unlikely event that your property is damaged due to the solar system.

If new technology is released, will that make my system obsolete overnight?

No, it will not. Unlike computers or other equipment that produces a better product as technology improves, electricity is a commodity. If the system has been sized properly to meet the electricity needs of your home, new technologies will not offer any production advantages.