Solar Systems Performance And Maintenance

How will I know if my system is performing to its maximum potential on a day-to-day basis?

All of the inverters we install have WIFI connectivity built into the unit to upload real time data from the inverter onto the internet. This allows historical and current solar generation to be viewed from anywhere an Internet connection is available, including on your smartphone or computer.  All of our inverters also have an LCD power output display that allows you to see power output to the grid in real time plus historical power production.

Do you give an accurate prediction of system production with your contract?

Our solar power systems are chosen for their quality and power output over their lifetime. We can provide you with an estimate of power output from a system in your general area based on historical data from respected sources (e.g. Bureau of Meteorology). Actual power output depends on the roof angle, orientation, shading (e.g. trees, neighbouring properties), weather conditions and time of year. We make sure your system is set up to produce maximum power output for your circumstances.

What performance guarantees do I get for the system as a whole?

Our solar panels come with a manufacturer-backed 25 year power output guarantee that ensures the panels will be performing at 90% of its stated output after 12 years and 80% after 25 years. Inverters from ZCS are backed by a full product replacement warranty of 10 years, which are upgradeable to 20 years.

The balance of system components used are high quality, ensuring low energy loss, and are rated to meet or exceed Australian standards.

ZCS fully guarantees every component of the solar system during the contract period.

Which guarantees/warranties are your responsibility and which are the manufacturer's?

Zero Cost Solar provides a plain English full replacement warranty for the full period of the Power Purchase Agreement. If anything we installed becomes defective or breaks during the agreement, we come to you and fix it or replace it. Manufacturer’s warranties vary considerably, so we make it simple for you. Our solar panels come with a 25 year performance guarantee, so if the panels are not performing we replace them for you.

How frequently should I clean my solar panels?

The power produced by your solar panels will vary depending on the season, weather, and how clean your panels are. In certain situations, dust and debris can decrease your solar production by 5% to 15%, for example after a bushfire or severe dust storm. Most debris that collects on your panels isn’t going to severely limit solar production and will be washed away by rain. It’s important to clean your panels if you notice a significant drop in electricity production.

What kind of maintenance is needed for a solar system?

Solar power systems have no moving parts and are extremely low maintenance. As every system installed by ZCS comes complete will 24/7 online monitoring as part of the service, we will immediately know when the solar generator requires service or an inspection.

If I have to deal with the panel or inverter manufacturer in the future, do they have an Australian office?

All of our suppliers have an Australian office. Where there is a service or warranty event, Zero Cost Solar is responsible for liaising with the panel or inverter manufacturers.

How long do solar electric systems last?

Zero Cost Solar will replace or service any faulty component of the solar system during the contract period.

Zero Cost Solar systems are predicted to last anywhere between 40 and 50 years. Our manufacturers guarantee that, in 25 years, your panels will still be making at least 80% of the electricity they did in the first year. Zero Cost Solar guarantees that all inverters that we install have at least 10 years of manufacturers warranty, ensuring you will have solar power generated on your roof for years to come.

If the power goes out, will my solar system keep making energy?

No. For safety reasons and to protect any people who may be working on the electricity network, your solar system will automatically shut off if the power goes out. If this does happen, don’t worry. Your solar system will automatically restart once the grid power is restored.

Can I add solar panels later?

We are always happy to discuss adding additional panels at a later stage.

What's the typical voltage of a solar panel?

The voltage of a single panel is usually between 20 and 60 volts DC. Panels are connected in ‘strings’ whereby the panels are connected in series together and, depending upon the configuration, strings in parallel. The maximum system voltage is 1000VDC. Zero Cost Solar configures your solar power system to ensure the DC output voltage efficiently matches the inverter’s input voltage.