Zero maintenance

Zero maintenance, zero worries

Zero Cost Solar only supply and install high quality solar components that are certified by the Clean Energy Council and that exceed all Australian Standards. This quality assurance combined with the fact that solar has no moving parts and that solar panels are able to clean themselves in the rain ensures no maintenance requirements.

24/7 web monitoring

If a fault occurs, we know instantly

Every solar installation that we complete comes with free Internet system logging. This allows you to have access to live and historical solar generation reporting directly on your smartphone or computer.
If a system fault does occur, the solar monitoring software will alert our engineers so that we can get your system back up and running with minimal downtime.

We Take All The Risk So You Can Relax

Lifetime support

Your only concern will be what to do with your extra savings.

Our high quality service continues well after your solar installation is complete. We handle all paper work, system connection, remote monitoring and servicing without you having to do a thing.

Our monitoring technology allows our engineers to detect any issues with your system and have them repaired immediately for free. We continue this service all the way until you take ownership of the system. It’s just all part of the service and our aim to keep you saving on your electricity bills.

Customer support team

Our customer care team work tirelessly to provide you with personal service and advice without any pre-written scripts.
With the assistance of our computer systems, we are able to determine the most effective solar system for your property and provide you with personalised energy savings figures based on real solar generation logging data.

We all take the extra time to ensure that our solar system can save you money on your electricity bills.